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About the ENFSI DNA WG STR Population Database


If you need more information about the database revision, sample size etc. please click here.


1. Data Input

  1. Use the Calculate screen in order to enter your STR profile (STR markers included in the AMPFLSTR SGM plus kit are available)
  2. Choose the Fst value (0.001 - 0.03, for more detail see [5])
  3. Select the countries of interest (default is all countries selected)
  4. Perform calculation

2. Calculation

Four different statistics are calulated based on your input; a detailed view of the used formulae is avaible here.

3. Output

The STR profile you entered is displayed together with the population-specific results. The page can be printed directly from the printer icon on the right or exported to an Adobe portable document format (PDF).

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